Happiness, Love & Money

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Free Charms in September

Our Hearts Desire offers Bold, Sassy & Chic jewelry. The jewelry is beautiful and offers women the chance to personalize their pieces. There are so many different ways to wear the jewelry and to express you. We want to know, “What’s Your Heart’s Desire?” 

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Women Own Businesses but Few Make Money

72 Hours Until Shanel Cooper-Sykes’ new ENTREPRENEUR BOOTCAMP for women!! Take 3 Days to multiply your sales, grow your business, and use social media as a debit card to generate money!! Sign up now to get FREE entrepreneur tips!!  https://scspublishing.infusionsoft.com/go/entspirit/BEMORE

Own a business? Need clients? Sales? Freedom?

What are your plans this weekend?
I’m asking because there’s something happening this
weekend and you’ll probably want to know about it.
Are you interested in making more money as an
entrepreneur? Using social media to generate money out
of “thin air”? Getting more sales, clients and profits
faster and easier by using the Internet?
Maybe not. But…
… if so, CANCEL YOUR PLANS! You need to see this.
Especially if you want to start stashing money in your
pocketbook for the Holiday Season or achieving HUGE
financial goals before the end of the year.
Shanel Cooper-Sykes is holding another ENTREPRENEUR
BOOTCAMP this weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You
can attend the sessions online and join other women from
all over the world.
If you already have a business retail, boutique,
real-estate, insurance or an online business… the
workshop could be what you’ve been looking for. She’s
revealing 6 figure strategies. And if
you don’t have a business, but want to make extra money
on the side you can help by promoting.
She’s talking about social media, money-multiplication
and brand-building. She already has over 1 million views
on YouTube, over 50,000 fans on Facebook… so she
definitely knows her stuff.
I know you have gifts and talents to share with the
world. People will GLADLY pay you for it.
Anyway, she’s offering a sneak peek right now & a bunch
of free materials all week long! So before you decide,
sign up and check it out.
I think it will be worth it, if it helps you make $200,
$500 or $10,000 over the next few weeks or months. Don’t
Click on the link below and let me know what you think.

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